8 Amazing Products To Help You Take Care Of Your Baby

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We all love to look after our little ones the best we can whether that’s from extra cuddles to using the right products to help keep them clean and safe. We love finding new products that entertain or keep our baby clean but those that are also helpful towards our babies development.

Our favourite products include items such as the Matchstick Monkey and Mini Bloom products, each of these products on this list have been tried and tested by ourselves. These are all products we recommend and love using and this is just to share some helpful tips and tricks and products that made our first time parent days easier.

1. Matchstick Monkey

The Matchstick Monkey is a great teether to have on hand for your baby especially in the earlier months as it is light and easy to hold for newborn hands. What we love the most about this handy little teether is that it has an antimicrobial technology which is a coating that lasts a lifetime making the teether always clean and safe for your baby to chew on, no matter how many times it gets thrown to the floor.

The matchstick monkey is the perfect partner for teething babies as it is light, easy to keep clean as it can sterilised in both hot and cold water along with being dishwasher safe. It is also super easy for baby to grab hold of, in fact, we had some teething problems around 10 weeks with our son and this was perfect for him to chew on.

2. Mizzie The Kangaroo

Much like the lovable fellow teeters on this list Mizzie The Kangaroo is a popular choice among parents. You can find a couple of varieties of Mizzie from the full-size teether to the mini Mizzie ring. Both style of teether are fantastic and worth looking into, our personal favourite is the Mini Mizzie ring teether.

We really like the Mini Mizzie ring as it is easier for babies to grasp hold of and have more control when putting the teether into their mouths. It is also perfect to use from birth so if you have a happy chewer or early developer this is perfect for you.

Mizzie is made from 100% rubber with water-based non-toxic dyes and is free from PVC, BPA, nitrosamines and phthalates. The only downsides to Mizzie are the higher cost, isn’t dishwasher safe and isn’t suitable for sterilising.

3. Mini Bloom Knots Be Gone Shampoo

Mini Bloom have a wonderful array of products for not just baby to use but everyone, I myself used the knots be gone shampoo and it worked wonders. The products are hypoallergenic, nourishing and earth-friendly making them perfect for you and your little one.

Something we often care the most about is the care of our babies and especially their health so finding products that are gentle yet effective are vital to a babies health and well being. We found the products to both smells nice and do exactly what they were supposed to do and it was such a relief to find something that worked and we could rely on.

The shampoo was our favourite as I have long thick hair which often gets really tangled and messy so I end up needing to use a lot of conditioner to smooth it out. Luckily since using the Knot Be Gone Shampoo I haven’t needed to use conditioner or a lot at least.

4. Mini Bloom Toot Toot Nappy Rash Balm

Another Mini Bloom product we love is the Toot-Toot Nappy Rash Balm, the balm is made up of Zinc Oxide and Shea Butter along with Coconut, Jojoba and Sunflower Seed oils which aid to soothe sore bottoms.

The Diaper rash relief cream is perfect as it comes in a number of formats from a small tub to a squeezy bottle perfect for throwing into your changing bag. The cream is a thick texture that helps to create a protective barrier over the sore areas of the skin to keep out further dirt and chafing leaving the skin to heal underneath.

5. Happpiest Baby Grows

Babies go through so much clothing (or at least our’s does) so you can never have too many pieces in the wardrobe. Something we found is that the lower quality cheap clothing didn’t wash well, it wasn’t nice to feel after a while and it just didn’t age well.

We went on to buy some better quality items hoping they would last longer, wash better and feel good on our babies skin. We stumbled upon The Happiest Baby and found some 100% organic cotton onesies and vests.

The vests were easy to put on, take off and even had handy snap fastenings between the legs for easy changes. One thing we really loved was the organic cotton was so easy to care for and the vests stayed soft to wear after several washes.

6. Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky wipes are essentially baby wipes but are reusable and earth-friendly. They are simply cloths in which you soak in your own cleaning solution and have on handy ready to use when needed. The whole system is fantastic and super easy to use and best of all they are great for your baby.

If you worry about using too many chemicals and fragrances on your babies skin these are perfect as you can control the solution and chemicals included. We loved them as we didn’t have to worry about buying more wipes everytime we went to the supermarket.

We also loved that they could easily be thrown into the washing machine along with everything else and there were no damage, worries or special requirements to clean them.

7. Tommee Tippee Health Care Kit

The Tommee Tipee health care kit was an essential item we had on our Amazon Baby Wish List. It was something we knew we needed and this had the best reviews overall and it honestly hasn’t disappointed us.

The health care kit comes with everything you need to help groom your baby, though you might be thinking this is a little much so soon but we ended up using ours within the first couple of days of bringing our baby home.

The kit has everything from a nose suck (help keep those pesky blocked noses at bay) to a soft hair brush to tackle cradle cap along with scissors, nail clippers and a comb.

8. Ewan The Dream Sheep

We got recommended Ewan the dream sheep from a friend who had a baby 4 months prior and her baby loved it. We initially didn’t buy one but after a couple of days we ended getting one after reading more on how effective and helpful it was for our baby.

Ewan plays music, white noise and a sound of a heartbeat to mimic the noises of being in the womb, it is used to help soothe babies who might be struggling to adjust to the new world.

We found Ewan helped soothe our baby to sleep on a night and helped bridge the gap of hearing our heartbeak when being held to when he was on his own in his bed.