7 Best Teething Products For Babies & Older

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Babies can start to teeth at any time really but the most common age is around the 6 months mark. With that said you don’t just had to use teething toys for teething, you can use them as developmental tools for your baby to learn new textures and shapes with their mouth.

There is a wide range of teething toys on the market and it can be hard to know which one is most suited to you and your baby. Here are our 7 best teethings products for babies and older.

1. Matchstick Monkey

Matchstick Monkey is the new up and coming teething toy and it’s easy to see why so many love it. The fun teether comes in a variety of colours and designs making it super fun to look at and play with for your baby. The Monkey teether has several textured surfaces designed to help massage aching gums and is perfect for babies from 3 months+.

Something we really like about the teether is the ability to use teething gels to help those hard to reach areas within your babies mouth. Another key thing we really like about the teether is that you can easily let your baby take control and have full control over the teether.

It is lightweight, making it easy for any baby to hold up and keep in their grip no matter how young they are, another excellent quality is the easy to hold handles and design of the teether. I love how easy it is to grasp as your baby can easily grasp the handles and explore them all on their own.

The Matchstick Monkey really does have it all including antimicrobial technology. This technology is to prevent the growth of germs on the surface. The unique technology is a lifesaver for keeping the teether clean and stopping any worries you might have for your baby.

The best part of the antimicrobial technology is that it is not just a coating that eventually wears off but will last the entire lifetime of your teether. So you can breathe easy when your baby gets a little too giddy and throws the teether on the floor several times a day. The teether is also dishwasher safe, suitable for steam and cold-water sterilising so no matter your routine this teether will fit right in.

2. Mizzie The Kangaroo

Much like the lovable fellow teeters on this list Mizzie The Kangaroo is a popular choice among parents. You can find a couple of varieties of Mizzie from the full-size teether to the mini Mizzie ring. Both style of teether are fantastic and worth looking into, our personal favourite is the Mini Mizzie ring teether.

We really like the Mini Mizzie ring as it is easier for babies to grasp hold of and have more control when putting the teether into their mouths. It is also perfect to use from birth so if you have a happy chewer or early developer this is perfect for you.

The cute kangaroo is Australian designed and is the perfect companion to any baby. The teether is a cute colourful animated kangaroo who goes on adventures (books and stories available). The makers of the cute kangaroo say Mizzie is to help develop sight, touch and smell.

Mizzie is made from 100% rubber with water-based non-toxic dyes and is free from PVC, BPA, nitrosamines and phthalates. The only downsides to Mizzie are the higher cost, isn’t dishwasher safe and isn’t suitable for sterilising.

3. Sophie Le Giraffe

Sophie Le Giraffe is the iconic teething toy and has a right to be on the list. Her vintage French style has been soothing babies gums since 1961 and has been a popular choice for many ever since. While she may be a cute accessory she actually is practical and works wonders on sore gums and teeth.

Sophie Le Giraffe is easy to grasp due to her thin long neck and slim design along with being soft to touch and cute to look at. The teether comes with a small squeaker in her tummy to help stimulate your baby and have a fun interactive element. Due to the long legs, neck and overall design of the teether, there are plenty of elements to chew on and surfaces to massage the gum.

The teether is a little on the more expensive side at around £15 but is commonly praised by parents and always has rave reviews. The only downside to the adorable teether is that it is only surface-cleaned using a cloth moistened in soapy water and cannot be sterilised.

4. Tommee Tippee Kalani Maxi

Tommee Tippee is of course a well known and trusted brand in the baby and toddler space so it only seems fit to include their Kalani Maxi teether. Designed to be an owl with funky features and colourful aspects it certainly looks fun.

The style of teether is generally quite ordinary in terms of shape but works well as the handles are easy to grasp and hold while the rest of the teether is covered in. textured surfaces to help soothe achy gums. The teether is actually built to last from the very first teeth to the final molars so you can definitely feel you have your money’s worth.

The Tommee Tippee teether is made from medical grade silicone. Unfortunately, silicone teethers have the reputation of attracting dust and dirt but the Tommee Tippee teether has anti-static so you can go about your day and not have to worry about constantly cleaning the teether.

There are plenty of different shapes, colours and styles to choose from. I also like the easy care for the soother with it being dishwasher safe and steriliser safe. The teether is perfect for babies from the age 3 months+

5. Nuby The Nibbler 6m+

While the Nuby The Nibbler isn’t specifically a teething toy it is well worth having to hand for your baby when they start teething. The concept behind The Nibbler is that you simply fill the mesh pouch with foods for your baby to enjoy and suck on. I wanted to add the Nibbler onto the list as you can fill the mesh with ice, frozen fruit, fruit and purees which can be both fun to eat and great for soothing sore gums.

While the Nibbler is only for use on 6 months+ babies it is well worth having to hand when the day comes, even if it is a little early. The benefits of using the nibbler are much more than just helping soothe sore gums.

You can find a number of different colours to suit your preference and they are great introductory items for teething. The item is dishwasher safe and is easy to use. Buy Nuby The Nibbler Here

6. MAM Friends – Max the Frog

Max the frog is a cute animated natural rubber teether from MAM featuring a ring style shape for easy gripping and lots of fun textures and edges to rub against sore gums. The bright colours are definitely attractive to babies and development while the cute animal is fun to look at and play with.

The biggest positives for Max the Frog is the easy to grip ring shape, meaning babies can hold onto the teether with ease at even the earliest of stages. Another wonderful feature of the teether is the vast variety of surfaces for babies to chew on, rub their gums on and enjoy.

There are several teething animals in the MAM Friends range so even if frogs aren’t your thing you can find a cute alternative. All of the MAM Friends teethers are BPA free. The rubber is 100% natural rubber giving the teethers an eco credibility along with being better for babies.

Max the frog and friends are the perfect weight and size for babies with being weighty without being heavy and are easy to grip. They, unfortunately, cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher or chilled and require cleaning with warm soapy water.

7. Bright Starts Oball Rattle

One particular toy we were encouraged to get from fellow parents was an Oball. We found this Bright Starts Oball which came highly recommended. Oballs are designed to encourage sensory play and help babies development. Though not necessarily advertised as a teether it is great for babies to chew on, grab hold of and play.

The ball comes with a rattle inside which makes it extremely fun for babies to play with and helps with development, motor skills and more.

The ball is suitable from birth+ and is made from plastic, it is one of the cheapest on our list and amazingly is one of the best for longevity as it is versatile in its uses.