6 Best Fold Up Baby Baths

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According to the Mayo Clinic, a newborn baby only needs to be bathed about once a week. Since you likely won’t be giving your baby daily baths, you may think investing in a baby bath is unnecessary. However, purchasing a fold up baby bath can be a convenient alternative to stationary baby baths.

The best fold up baby bath is the Karibu Foldable Baby Bath. It provides incredible stability with its non-slip design both inside and outside the tub. This feature allows you to use the baby bath on any flat surface safely. It also comes with a hook for quick drying and easy storage. 

In most instances, the Karibu Foldable Baby Bath will cover all your needs, but we recommend the following fold up baby baths if…

In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits of a fold up bathtub and factors to consider when you’re making your purchase. I’ll also compare these baths in each of those categories. But first, let’s hit the basics on fold up baby baths. 

What Is a Fold Up Baby Bath?

A fold up baby bath is a tub that collapses for easy storage or travel. Fold up baths can come in two forms: those that fold into themselves or those that inflate for use. 

Fold up baths can be used within existing tubs and sinks or be used independently on a flat surface. We recommend not using them on a countertop or table as it increases the chance of injury to your child should they fall off.

What Are Fold Up Baby Baths Good For?

Fold up baby baths are good for saving space in your home. They’re also easy and convenient to travel with, as the baths don’t need to be installed or mounted. Instead, they can be folded or inflated, and enable you to give your baby a quick bath, no matter where you are.

Here’s a closer look at some of the main benefits a fold up baby bath can offer:

Saving Space

Fold up baby baths are perfect for small spaces. If you live in an apartment or just don’t have a lot of extra storage space, a fold up bath is the wisest option. Most fold up baths will compact very thinly. This allows you to store the bath in a drawer, under a bed, or between the sink and the toilet. 

You can also find a fold up baby bath that comes with a hanging hook attached. This feature will allow you to hang the baby bath from your shower head. 

Hanging your bath in your shower has dual benefits: 

  • It allows the bath to dry in a space that is intended to get wet. You don’t need to wrap the bath in a towel or any other means to keep the water contained. Your shower will do that! 
  • You can use that placement on the showerhead to store the baby bath when it is not in use. The bath collapses so tiny that it will not infringe on your shower space. That is… when you get a chance to shower as a new parent! 

The following bathtubs have built-in hooks: 

  • Karibu Foldable Baby Bath 
  • iSafe Foldable Baby Bath 


You may already have a baby bath that you love that has all the bells and whistles you were looking for – but it doesn’t fold up. While this could be great for your home, what happens if you want to travel? Adding a rigid baby bath might add an entire extra checked item to your luggage, or take up valuable boot space. 

Fold up bathtubs take up significantly less space in your luggage. Some baths will fit directly into your suitcase without filling up your kit. Using an inflatable bathtub can take up even less space and be more adaptable to the constraints of your available space.  

The following baby baths are more flexible for travel: 

  • Munchkin Hot Duck
  • Summer Infant Portable Bathtub 

Other Features To Consider

While travel or storage may be your primary concern, having a bath that fully works for your home is essential. Here are some features that should be on your list before adding to your registry.

Cleaning Methods for Your Fold Up Baby Bath

Your little one can’t get clean if they’re sitting in a dirty bath. If you’re looking for a bathtub that can be cleaned easily, consider the Blivener Flower Baby Bath Mat. It can be washed on the gentle cycle in your washing machine and then hung to dry. 

The ClevaBath and Karibu Baby Folding Bath can easily be wiped out after use. This ensures that there will be no mildew build-up creating a funk on your bath. The ClevaBath also has a perforated bottom, which allows for an easy draining process and limits the danger of keeping your baby in inches of water. 

Baths You Can Use in Your Sink

Not everyone has a bathtub in their home, but everyone has a sink. To make your child’s bathing experience even more accessible – the following baths are made to be used in your kitchen sink (or a large bathroom sink)! You can fire up the spray head and get to cleaning! 

  • ClevaBath – Baby Sink Bath was made for the sink. It even includes adjustable arms so it can fit any sink. 
  • Blivener Flower Baby Bath Mat fits snuggly into the sink and provides a comfortable, soft cushion to help your baby relax. 

Temperature Gauge To Keep Your Baby Safe

Babies have very sensitive skin. What feels comfortable to an adult can be scalding to their new, soft skin. By choosing a bath that provides a temperature gauge, you can ensure that your baby is cozy in their bath. 

The following baths have a color-coded sensor that will signal if that water has become too hot: 

  • Karibu Baby Folding Bath’s plug is heat sensitive and will turn white when the water is too hot. 
  • Munchkin Hot Duck is named as such because it has a “white-hot” safety disc that will say “HOT” when the bathwater hits 40°C (104°F). 

6 Best Fold Up Baby Baths

This table will show you the main features and dimensions of each baby bath so that you can make the best decision for your family. 

Baby BathWeightDimensionsKey Features
Karibu Baby Folding Bath2 Kilograms(4.4 lbs)82x47x22.5cm(32×18.5×8.9 in)Temperature sensorFolds flat
Munchkin Hot Duck 7.06 Ounces(200 g)6.99×24.13×23.5cm2.75×9.5×9 in)InflatableSoft in case of falls
Summer Infant1.56 Kilograms(3.4 lbs)70x43x30cm27.5x17x11.8 in)Ergonomic seat works up to 2 years
Blooming Bath Lotus.49 Kilograms(1 lb)33.66×10.8 x 33.66cm(13.2×4.25×13.2 in)Machine washableWorks in a sink
ClevaBath -Baby Sink Bath1.6 Kilograms(3.5 lbs)53x38x15cm(21x15x6 in)Extendable arms to fit your sinkPerforated basin
iSafe Foldable Baby Bath2 Kilograms(4.4 lbs)81x45x9cm(32×17.7×3.5 in)Cradle bath supportBuilt-in hooks

Best Overall: Karibu Baby Folding Bath

The Karibu Baby Folding Bath (available on Amazon) is an excellent choice for parents looking for a great baby bath for small spaces. The surfaces make it easy for you to keep the tub clean for your baby. The temperature-sensitive plug allows you to keep the baby safe in warm (but not hot) water without needing a thermometer. 

It even includes holders for your soap and a sponge or washcloth. The hanging hook can double as a holder for your showerhead or spray nozzle. 

The Karibu Baby Folding Bath will keep your baby clean and safe for the first two years of their lives. From newborn to toddler, you can keep your baby looking and feeling fresh and clean.