5 Ways To Make a Travel Cot More Comfortable

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While a new place is sure to disrupt your baby’s sleep cycle a bit, you can minimize the effect by providing them with a safe and familiar place, such as their travel cot. A quality travel cot is essential if you want to travel with your baby. 

Here are 5 ways to make a travel cot more comfortable:

  1. Choose a travel cot with a firm and flat mattress.
  2. Keep the cot clean and clear.
  3. Provide your baby with sensory comfort.
  4. Try white noise to drown out distractions.
  5. Use a sleeping bag or blanket to ensure their safety.

You want to look for a lightweight but sturdy travel cot that is quick to assemble when you have to use it. You should know how to make it even more comfortable for your baby so that they can fall asleep quickly. This article will discuss some of the ways you can do that in great detail. 

Can You Make a Travel Cot More Comfortable?

Travel cots often come with mattresses that are thinner and usually harder than those in permanent cots. These mattresses might make you wonder if you can do anything to make your baby’s travel cot more comfortable. 

You can make a travel cot more comfortable for your baby by eliminating distractions, providing sensory comfort, and recreating a familiar environment for them. But remember, while you might be tempted to place a quilt or a folded blanket under your baby, doing so poses a risk to your baby. 

Soft mattresses make it difficult for a baby’s body to lose heat. Using a soft mattress can make them too hot, thus increasing the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

What your baby needs is a travel cot that has a rigid frame and base. The cot’s mattress should be firm enough that when you place your baby on it, their head doesn’t sink in more than a couple of millimeters. 

Why Do I Need To Make a Travel Cot More Comfortable?

So, you did your research, considered experts’ opinions, and shelled out good money for a travel cot that is supposed to be an excellent fit for your child. Now, you might be questioning yourself, why do I need to make a travel cot more comfortable than it is?

You need to make a travel cot more comfortable so that it’s easier for your baby to fall asleep. And, as a result, you can also sleep peacefully. You can help your child sleep well by providing them with a comfortable space to sleep.

The last thing a tired parent wants is to be woken up by the sound of their baby screaming, especially when they’re traveling. They know the only way they can get a night of proper sleep is when their baby or toddler also sleeps in peace. 

5 Ways To Make a Travel Cot More Comfortable

As mentioned earlier, you can make a travel cot more comfortable for your baby by getting rid of distractions, providing them with a familiar environment and sensory comfort. But how exactly do you do that?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways.

1. Choose a Travel Cot With a Firm and Flat Mattress

The most important thing you should look for in a travel cot is a firm and entirely flat mattress. Additionally, it shouldn’t have any soft, raised, or cushioned area, especially around the head

You might want to choose a mattress that has a waterproof cover to protect the surface. 

It’ll make it easier for you to clean and dry the cover as you can wipe it down whenever need be. Also, a waterproof cover stops bacteria from spreading inside the mattress, thus decreasing the risk of infection.  

If you borrow or buy a second-hand travel cot, you’ll need to ensure that the cot’s mattress is still firm and flat with no hole or tear in it, and it isn’t sagging in places. You should thoroughly clean the waterproof layer of the mattress and dry it properly before you use it.

2. Keep the Cot Clean and Clear

Unnecessary items in your baby’s bed can increase the risk of accidents. Also, evidence suggests that babies are at a higher risk of SIDS if their heads are covered. When you add unnecessary items to your baby’s cot, you’re unknowingly increasing the risk. 

To eliminate the risk, keep your baby’s travel cot or bed as clear as possible. More specifically, keep their bed clear of pillows or duvets, soft toys, loose bedding, or products like straps or wedges that keep your baby in one sleeping position.

When it comes to your baby’s bed, always remember that a clear cot is the safest. 

3. Provide Your Baby With Sensory Comfort

If your baby is used to sleeping next to you, they might find it difficult to sleep in a travel cot all by themselves. 

It could be because they find your scent comforting and reassuring. What you can do here is to put an unwashed shirt under their mattress. If the bed smells like you, your baby is more likely to feel safer in their bed. 

As mentioned earlier, your baby’s bed should be as clear as possible. Please make sure you roll up a shirt, t-shirt, or any other clothes that smell like you and tuck it under the mattress of the travel cot. Your little one should be able to smell your scent but not to pull the cloth over their face. 

Researchers have shown that the scent of a baby’s mom has a calming effect on them, and it increases the chance of them having a good night’s sleep. 

4. Try White Noise To Drown Out Distractions

It might be challenging to control outside or ambient noises when traveling. On the other hand, your baby might struggle to sleep in the presence of unwanted noises. Your best bet in situations like these is to eliminate these stimuli. 

That’s where white noise comes in. 

You can use the sound of white noise to drown out distracting noises, thus effectively blocking out outside stimulations. It can calm your baby down and help them fall asleep. 

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a white noise machine or have forgotten them back at home, you can use a radio or hairdryer as a substitute. 

5. Use a Sleeping Bag or Blanket To Ensure Their Safety

You should consider using a baby sleeping bag, which eliminates the risk of your baby covering their head when wriggling under the bedding. 

Remember that baby sleeping bags come in different variations for different seasons, and you should always use one that’s appropriate for the season. Also, you should choose a size that’s right for the age of your baby.

Make sure the sleeping bag fits nicely around your baby’s shoulder so that their head doesn’t sleep down into the bag. You don’t need to use extra bedding with a baby sleeping bag. 

You can use blankets as an alternative, but make sure they’re not too thick or doubled over. Also, you should ensure that the blanket is firmly tucked in and it doesn’t come up higher than the baby’s shoulder. 

Remember, the baby’s foot should be against the foot of the cot so that loose bedding can’t cover their face. 

Why a Travel Cot Is a Good Investment

A travel cot is one of the best investments you’ll make because it makes it easier for you to travel with your child and ensure you’ll always have a safe place to put your baby to sleep. Plus, if you end up at a friend’s house, and they don’t have a suitable place for your baby to sleep, a travel cot can be a comforting place for your baby to sleep. 

Travel cots can also come in handy when you’re at the park and your little one needs a quick nap. Just set it up and let your baby sleep. Be sure to keep it in the shade, though, as you don’t want your baby getting a sunburn.