5 Best Plus Size Maternity Bump Bands

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Maternity bump bands have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their many benefits during pregnancy and postpartum. They’re comfortable to wear and can offer your body some much-needed support. But what are the best plus size maternity baby bumps?

The best plus size, maternity bump band is the Jamila Maternity Pregnancy Belt. It offers supreme comfort, and safely supports your back and stomach. It also comes with a velcro strap, making it easier to adjust the size and fit of the band around your baby bump.

This article will discuss what a maternity bump band is, whether or not you can get plus-size maternity bands, and the best ones on the market.

What Is a Bump Band?

If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably seen bump bands for sale in the maternity section of clothing shops. 

Bump bands – also called maternity bands, maternity belts, or belly bands – are worn around your bump to help support your abdomen and lower back. Their gentle, compressing action also allows you to wear non-maternity clothing for longer. 

Maternity bands are normally made from flexible and stretchy fabric for added comfort, and some can be tightened with velcro fastenings. 

They are instrumental if you are active, on your feet, and provide the most help when you’re in the second and third trimesters. 

If you jog or speed walk, a bump band gently compresses the uterus and helps prevent discomfort during exercise. 

Some pregnant mums also experience backaches, joint or ligament pain, and a bump band can help alleviate the discomfort. 

While not proven, some belly bands claim that they can help prevent stretch marks. 

After you’ve given birth, you can use your bump band to support your abdominal muscles and to help them regain tone. 

Can You Get Plus Size Maternity Bump Bands?

Most pregnant mums know that they can buy belly bands from most shops that sell maternity items. However, some wonder if plus-size maternity bump bands are available. 

You can get plus-size maternity bands in women’s clothing shops, chemists, and online. Like plus-size maternity clothing, plus-size bands are also available to accommodate most body types.

However, some shops and online stores may have a limited range of plus-size bump bands, so you’ll probably need to shop around until you find one that you like. 

But after conducting research, I have found the best plus-size maternity bands below. Each of these products can easily be found on Amazon.co.uk.

5 Best Plus Size Maternity Bump Bands

Jamila Maternity Pregnancy Belt

This popular belly band is available in sizes medium to extra-extra-large. Most reviewers on Amazon comment on how nice the fabric is, and appreciate the added support it offers.

It is particularly helpful if back pain is your main pregnancy complaint as the waistband is substantial and robust, giving your back solid support to help prevent discomfort. Mums who have used this previously praise the strong velcro that allows you to fit it to size. 

Its durability also means you can freely move around without having to worry about the straps snapping, stretching, or coming loose. Its two thick straps on both sides are adjusted to the curve of your belly and give your bump the lift it needs, so the weight is evenly supported. 

At an affordable price, and with free shipping if you have an Amazon Prime account, it is well priced for the excellent quality, elasticated fabric. It comes in four pretty colors: pink, nude, white, or black. You can wear it over or under your clothing, or you can place it over an undershirt, and underneath your blouse. 

Be Mammy Maternity Band

Be Mammy’s maternity bands are sized generously and are larger than regular belly bands. They go up to size extra large and are available in a two-pack of one black and one white band. Twin packs are available on Amazon at a low price.

Many expectant mums still enjoy wearing fashionable clothing during their pregnancies. Whether you want to wear dark or light colored clothing, this brand’s black and white belly bands camouflage well. These maternity bands are also easy to put on, since they have open bottoms that slide over your legs or can be pulled over your head. 

This is a solid and continuous piece of fabric containing 94% viscose and 6% elastane that provides gentle support to your growing belly. 

The only complaint that some mums have is that it doesn’t support the belly well if you’re carrying low. Therefore, you may need to consider a belt with more weight support and stronger straps. 

Neo G Pregnancy Support Belt

This belt comes in at a slightly higher price, but many pregnant mums believe that it’s well worth the investment. 

If you were looking for a high-tech belly belt to help you with back support and postnatal muscle tone, this one would be it. 

Neo G is a well-regarded medical device brand that is known for its ergonomic designs and excellent quality. This belly band is no different, and its adjustable straps can accommodate your belly as it grows. 

The fabric is breathable, lightweight, and soft against the skin. You’ll probably forget you’re even wearing it! 

Currently, this product is available on Amazon in a nude pink color, which helps it look discreet under any type of clothing (even white T-shirts). You can also wear it underneath dresses, skirts, or your favorite maternity jeans, and it’ll still offer enough support. 

It’s also a reversible belt, so it can be used postpartum to give your back a boost of comfort as your body transitions back.

The size range is from small to extra, extra-large. 

FEOYA Over Bump Maternity Underwear

If you don’t like the idea of wearing a bump band during your pregnancy, you are not alone. 

Even though they can be highly beneficial, many mums don’t enjoy the claustrophobic feeling of a band around their bellies. 

An excellent alternative to a belly band is a pair of maternity briefs that accommodate and support your belly. 

This pack of multi-colored maternity briefs is available from Amazon and is available up to size 5XL. The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, making it both flexible and breathable. 

Although not as supportive as a belt, these briefs will provide gentle support for your belly while you’re active. They fit seamlessly underneath pants, dresses, skirts, and shorts. They have cute designs and delicate bows that make them look like real underwear, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing tight shapewear. 

These briefs are easy to wash and care for, and you can wear them as your belly grows. They’re also safe to wear after giving birth, and can give your postpartum belly extra support. 

FITTOO Maternity Support Belt

For expectant mums who need a lot of belly support, back muscle support, and posture correction, the FITTOO Maternity Support Belt is often recommended. 

Its breathable, flexible, and lightweight honeycomb fabric feels comfortable but still provides maximum support. 

You can adjust the belt according to your belly size and level of comfort, and they are available up to size extra, extra-large. This belt’s stable, triangular structure is said to also help with stretch marks, which is a bonus. 

Its price is incredibly reasonable, considering its many excellent reviews and the fact that some obstetricians recommend it. 

For such a low price, you could buy one in each of its attractive colors: pink, black, and white.