4 Ways To Wash the Mamas and Papas Playmat

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Suppose you would like to help your baby achieve developmental milestones such as rolling over and sitting quickly; you may consider getting a Mamas and Papas playmat. These playmats come with a gym, and they are cozy and child-friendly. In addition, you can wash the playmat easily when the baby soils it. 

Here are 4 ways to wash the Mamas and Papas Playmat:

  1. Machine wash
  2. Wash in a tub
  3. Wash in a sink
  4. Use Microfiber cloth

Read on as I will explain the different ways to wash the Mamas and Papas playmat in detail. Here we go. 

Can You Wash the Mamas and Papas Playmat?

You can wash the Mamas and Papas playmat because the materials that make it are washable. The playmats have a soft faux-fur base, a polyester fabric reverse, and a combination of washable materials that make the padding. 

It is best to use baby-friendly detergents to wash your baby’s Mamas and Papas playmat so that you can protect your baby’s skin. 

4 Ways To Wash the Mamas and Papas Playmat

1. Machine Wash

The label on the Mamas and Papas playmat says that the playmat is machine washable. So, you can confidently machine wash the playmat. Here is how to clean the Mama and Papas playmat in the washing machine:

  1. You should first take the playmat outside and remove any loose dirt using a soft brush. You see, a playmat can harbor a lot of dirt, and you don’t want to have crumbs all over the floor of your house. After removing the loose dirt with a soft brush, shake the playmat thoroughly so that all the loose dirt can fall out. 
  2. Get the detergent you’ll use to clean the playmat. It’s advisable to use natural, scent-free detergents on your baby’s items so that your little one does not get any irritation. Some of the detergents you could use include dish soap and other all-natural baby detergents.  
  3. Set the washing machine to 40°C (104°F) and add the detergent. Your baby is likely to soil the playmat heavily, and the water temperature of 40°C (104°F) is warm enough to remove all the dirt and kill germs on the playmat. The temperature is also ideal for protecting the playmat from damage.  
  4. Throw the playmat into the machine and select a delicate wash cycle. This washing machine cycle is equivalent to hand washing. It’s the gentlest and shortest cleaning cycle and has few or no spins. It’s an ideal cycle for cleaning faux-fur baby items.
  5. After the playmat has been spun, remove it from the washing machine. Brush the playmat with a soft brush to re-fluff the faux fur. Take the playmat outside, lay it on a flat surface, and air dry it. Avoid putting the playmat under the direct sun because it’s not ideal for faux fur items. 

It may take more than a day for the playmat to dry, depending on the weather. After the playmat is dry, use your hands to gently massage the mat to lift the fibers and give it an original look. You could also use a soft toothbrush.

2. Use a Tub

 You can also wash the playmat in a tub. Here is how to clean the Mamas and Papas playmat in a tub: 

  1. Take the mat outside and use a soft brush to remove loose dirt. After brushing the playmat, shake it so that all the loose dirt can fall off.
  2. Put some warm water in the tub and then add a natural detergent such as dish soap. Slosh the detergent around, then dip the playmat into the tub. Press the playmat gently with your fingers and clean it using a circular motion to loosen and remove the dirt. 
  3. Add some fresh, warm water in the tub and rinse the playmat. You can rinse it several times so that all the soap comes off and it is sparkling clean. 
  4. Drain the bathtub and put the playmat flat in the bathtub. Take an absorbent towel and press it on the wet playmat to get out as much water as possible from the playmat. 
  5. Take a soft brush and brush the playmat gently so that the faux fur can be re-fluffed. Take the playmat outside, lay it flat, and air dry avoiding direct sunlight. The mat could take a day or two to dry, depending on the weather conditions.

When the mat is completely dry, use a soft brush or your fingers to lift the faux fur. 

3. Wash in a Sink

You can also use a sink to wash the playmat. Below is how to wash the Mamas and Papas playmat in a sink: 

  1. Remove any loose dirt from the mat using a soft brush. Shake the playmat thoroughly so that all the dirt can drop off. It is best to shake the playmat outside the house. 
  2. Fill the sink with warm water, add some soap into the water, and remember that natural detergent is best for washing baby items. After sloshing the soap around, put the playmat inside the water.
  3. Use your fingers to press gently on the mat and clean it using circular motions. Dirt does not stick permanently on the materials that make the playmat, so your fingers will clean it very well. 
  4. Rinse the playmat thoroughly until all the soap is off. Drain the sink and put the playmat inside. 
  5. Take a dry, absorbent towel and press it on the playmat to remove excess water. Take the playmat outside and brush it gently with a soft brush to re-fluff the faux fur. Finally, lay the playmat on a flat surface, and air dry it without putting it in direct sunlight. 

After the mat has dried, lift the fibers using your fingers or a soft toothbrush. 

4. Use Microfiber Cloth

 You could also use a microfiber cloth to clean your baby’s playmat. Below is how to clean Mamas and Papas playmat using a microfiber cloth: 

  1. Take the playmat outside and shake it thoroughly to remove all the loose dirt particles. After shaking it, put some warm water in a bucket and add some natural detergent such as dish soap and slosh the soap around the water. 
  2. Lay the playmat on a clean surface and immerse the microfiber cloth into the soap and water solution. Massage the wet cloth over the mat and work in circular motions from one end to the other. Turn the playmat over and clean it in the same way.
  3. Once you have cleaned both sides of the mat with the soap solution using the microfiber cloth, put clean water in the bucket and use the cloth to rinse both sides of the playmat thoroughly. Use a dry towel to remove any excess water that might be on the mat.
  4. Take the playmat out and dry it on a flat surface, ensuring that you don’t put it under direct sun. The playmat should dry completely after a day or two. Take the mat and rub it gently with your fingers or an old toothbrush to lift the fibers. 

Note: You can also use the microfiber cloth to remove stains from your little one’s Mamas and Papas playmat. You see, if you don’t remove stains from the playmat, they can ruin its beauty. Here is a simple method of removing stains using a microfiber cloth.

Playmats are at the risk of getting stains from spills and spits. Baking soda is efficient at removing stains on faux fur playmats and other baby toys, and it’s also a safe solution.

Take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with a few drops of water to form a paste. Dip a small part of the microfiber cloth into the paste and apply the paste to the stains. Wait for approximately 10 minutes before removing the paste. 

Rinse the microfiber cloth and use it to remove the paste from the playmat gently. If the mat doesn’t need any further cleaning, air dry it. If the playmat is dirty and needs additional cleaning after removing the stain, wash it using any of the ways described above.