13 Amazing Places To Buy Cheap Baby Books

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Buying baby books is often a fun and exciting journey, whether your baby is just starting to read or like to hear soothing bedtime stories. Babies like imaginative books full of adventure and mystery. Also, babies want to hear different stories every night, and there should be other books to choose from in their little library. 

Here are 14 amazing places to buy cheap baby books:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Book Trust
  4. Kidsbooks.com
  5. Book Outlet
  6. Book Depository 
  7. Facebook sharing groups 
  8. World Of Books 
  9. Gumtree
  10. Recycle shops
  11. Charity shops
  12. Car boots
  13. Garage sales
  14. Free online libraries 

In this article, I’ll describe where to buy cheap baby books for a meager amount of money and the possibilities to get baby books for free. 

1. Amazon 

Amazon is a great online resource to buy cheap baby books because the possibilities are endless. From books for tiny babies with soft covers and colorful pages to hardcover fairy tales, Amazon can be a rabbit hole for everyone buying books. 

The site offers a large range of affordable baby books that will be an asset to your children’s library once they’re older. Amazon is also an ideal place to buy books as a gift for babies and children’s birthdays. 

Many books may have a Kindle version, which is Amazon’s digital reading platform. Purchasing an ebook via Kindle is usually a bit cheaper than the actual printed book, but if you prefer a hard copy, you’re in the right place. 

2. eBay

eBay offers a wide range of books for babies, from those that teach babies about animals to those about their first words. Book bundles about animals or cartoon heroes like Peppa Pig are often really cheap and readily available.

Sometimes books are second-hand, which makes them even cheaper. Consider selling them again after your baby outgrows the stories and moves to the more adult books. 

eBay also offers vintage baby books at low prices. If you find a book that resembles your beloved childhood book, you’ll be able to purchase it and give it to your baby as a gift. 

3. Book Trust 

A UK-based charity called Book Trust is dedicated to getting children on their reading journeys and helping families obtain much-needed books. 

To help parents and their kids enjoy reading more, Book Trust gives free Bookstart to every kid who’s up to one year old. 

Book Trust puts the culture of reading high on their priority list, and parents who cannot afford books for their babies will have the opportunity to access free books. 

4. Kidsbooks.com 

Kidsbooks.com is a marketplace where you can buy new books or books sold by the publisher as an excess inventory but for a reduced price. 

Ordering more than one book, especially around holiday sales, is an excellent way to secure Christmas or birthday presents for babies and kids. 

The books are often in excellent condition since they weren’t used or sold before. Make your money worthwhile with the affordable prices, and seize the low shipping cost by buying books in bulk. 

5. Book Outlet 

Book Outlet offers a wide range of baby books for discounted prices. From picture books to paperbacks, there are plenty of books to choose from. They also offer segmented search, and you can filter books out by age, series, price, and many other categories. 

One of the valuable features of this website is a category Baby’s first library in which they selected books suitable for the youngest kids and their bedtime stories. 

6. Book Depository

Book Depository is on a mission to offer all the books to all the people. They have free shipping worldwide and a vast range of babies and children’s books. 

Board books, paperback, even hardcover books are available at low prices, and with the variety of titles, Book Depository is the place to purchase a year-long book stash. 

7. Facebook Sharing Groups

There are a large number of various groups with the same plan — sell used things, books especially, for the low price or get something in exchange for books. 

If you have time to explore and you’re not in a hurry to buy a specific book for your baby, explore Facebook groups for a while. 

Many group members are offering books for free. You can even publish a post that you’re in search of certain books, and there will be someone offering the same or at least something similar. 

Be patient and plan to give yourself (and other people) the time to see the post and answer it. If you’re searching for a present, be aware that it’ll probably take a while for someone to answer your request. 

8. World of Books 

World of Books is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable reselling of used books. 

You can find baby books for around £5, and there are plenty of choices for every age. 

Buying more than one book can save you up to 20%, which is an awesome incentive to buy more books and never read the same one over and over again. 

9. Gumtree

Gumtree is a fantastic second-hand marketplace where you can find cheap baby books, among other items. All you have to do is type in your postcode and the baby books you’re looking for, and the site will locate sellers in your area. If you want to widen your search, simply extend the radius in the location search bar. 

And since you’ll be communicating directly with sellers, you may be able to negotiate a lower price on the baby books as well.

10. Recycle Shops 

Recycle shops for books are one of the cheapest options there is. Many recycling shops sell the books that can still be used and recycle the rest. 

You’ll find nice books for a discounted price in these kinds of shops that almost feel like they’re free. 

Be sure to be very determined — your books can be somewhere under the pile of other adult books. Ask an employee to help you or recommend where to find what you’re looking for. 

11. Charity Shops

Often, charity shops offer books for babies and children to support parents and families to spark their inner bookworm. 

Discounted prices, a wide range of children’s literature, and different book formats can be found in charity shops.

Many people donate books to charity, which becomes an invaluable foundation for those who can’t afford new and expensive books. 

12. Car Boots

Car boots sales aren’t just the cheap option to buy books, but also one of the most exciting options. People organizing car boots are getting rid of the things they don’t need anymore, and there can be various things on the sale. 

Babies’ books can often be seen in car boots because people make room for their children’s new, more mature books. 

Car boot sales are a fantastic place to pick up baby books in bulk. If you’re lucky, you may also be able to bargain with the seller to get a reduced price.

13. Garage Sales

Garage sales are similar to car boot sales, but on a higher level with more options to choose from. 

People collecting things, especially books, can earn a little money and sell their possessions for a low price. 

Many sellers typically charge more for hardback books, but you can still find some for reasonable prices. Similarly, you should also be able to find a few paperback books for even lower prices.

14. Free Online Libraries 

Plenty of websites offer free books in pdf format. One of them is the Z library, which is the most extensive ebook library in the world. 

You can download most books in .pdf or epub format, which is excellent for reading on your mobile phone or Kindle. 

If you aren’t keen on buying hardcover books, free libraries are a cheap option, and you’ll be able to find all the most popular books your baby will love.